Doctoral thesis:

Asín Prieto, Guillermo (Director: Moreno, Juan C. Co-directors: Pons, José L.; Blanco, María Dolores). Bioinspired robotic rehabilitation tool for lower limb motor learning after stroke. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. November, 29. 2019.

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Master's thesis:

Susnochi, Ioana (Directors: Moreno, Juan C.; Vuckovic, Aleksandra; Clark, Alasdair ). Design and development of a tool to facilitate learning to walk with a powered prosthesis. MEng, Biomedical Engineering. University of Scotland. Glasgow, Reino Unido. 05/02/2019. 2019.

Lopes Fernandes, Pedro Nuno (Director: Peixoto Santos, Cristina Manuela. Codirector: Moreno, Juan C. ). Feedback-Error Learning Control for Powered Assistive Devices. Master's Thesis. Universidad do Minho. Guimaraes, Portugal. January, 25. 2019.

Giovanni Corvini (Director: Cincotti, Febo. Codirector: Moreno, Juan C.). nalysis of conduction velocity from High-Density surface EMG as indicator of muscle fatigue during robot-mediated ankle movements. Master’s Thesis (Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Artificial intelligence and Robotics). Dipartimento di Ingegneria informatica automatica e gestionale, Universita di Roma. July 2019. 2019.

Rodrigues, Camila (Director: Moreno, Juan C. Co-director: Pons, José L. ). Study and Evaluation of the Use of Intramuscular Sensors for Neuromuscular Detection and Robotic Systems for Spinal Cord Injury. ETSIT UPM. June. 2019.

Pinto Fernández, David (Director: Torricelli, Diego. Co-Director: Martínez de la Casa Díaz, Santiago). Diseño e implementación de base de datos de marcha robótica. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. March, 15. 2019.

Bachelor's thesis:

Garcia Ordoñez, Javier (Director: Torricelli, Diego). Sensory electrical stimulation during cycling for the rehabilitation of muscle coordination. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Obtained qualification: 10. June, 15. 2019.

Ligero Isla, Pablo (Director: Torricelli, Diego). Development of computational techniques for the genomic study of long-term memory consolidation. Universidad San Pablo CEU. July, 10. 2019.

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Hernández Sosa, Alejandro (Director: Torricelli, Diego). Quantifying the Neuromechanical Complexity of Parkinson’s Disease. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Obtained qualification: 10. October, 10. 2019.