On this page you may look up an important part of the group’s research activity, classified into different sections. The following sections can be included:

Projects: This section lists the subsidized projects attributed to the group or the group is working in at present.

Books: This section contains the list of books and book chapters published by the group .

Publications in journals: This section contains the publications made in journals by researching members of the group. This will include articles and reviews already published or accepted for publishing.

Publications in conferences: This section contains the publications made in local or international conferences.

Patent rights: This section includes the granted patent rights and utility models. These are titles granted by the State giving the holder the right to prevent others temporarily from manufacturing, selling or commercially using the protected invention. Here included are also other inventions protected by a specific industrial property title.

Thesis and research works: This section shows the theses, minor theses and research works the group members participated in as authors or directors.