Lokomat Hocoma:The Lokomat is the world’s leading robotic medical device that provides highly repetitive and the most physiological gait training – especially to severely impaired patients.
H2 Technaid exoskeleton:The Exo-H2 can completely emulate the process of human walking. In this way, a person with brain injury or cerebral palsy patients with lower limb affected can walk by using his/her own legs, when wearing the Exo-H2, with the aid of a cane or similar support asset and/or the aid of a health professional person.
Pocket EMG BTS system:The BTS System is a complete control system for EMG bass pickups. It includes an Active Balance Control that allows for loss-free balance between two pickups and has a center detent for the middle position.
Quattrocento (OT Bioelettronica):EMG (surface/intramuscular), EEG and ECG amplifier (from 16 up to 384 channels, iEMG, sEMG, EEG and ECG + 16 auxiliary inputs)
EMG-USB(OT Bioelettronica): The EMG-USB electromyograph is a multichannel amplifier for surface electromyography (sEMG).
Trentadue (OT Bioelettronica): The Trentadue is a 32-channel surface electromyographic (EMG) device. This system has been designed to detect the surface electromyography signal (sEMG) from skeletal muscles trough the use of the surface electrodes.
USBamp (G. Tec): g.USBamp is a high-performance and high-accuracy biosignal amplifier and acquisition/processing system. It allows investigation of brain-, heart- and muscle-activity, eye movements, respiration, galvanic skin response and many other physiological and physical parameters.
Stimulator TMS Magstim: The Magstim BiStim combines two 200 units through a connecting module, so that paired pulses can be delivered through one coil.
RehaStim + RehaMove: FES Cycling system that allows individuals with weakness or paralysis of the legs to actively cycle a stationary bike, by stimulating the muscle with a small electrical current.
IMUs system: HUB + 8 IMUS (Technaid, S.L.): The Motion Capture System Tech MCS is a complete wireless motionanalysis solution, based on one of the lighter and smaller inertial sensor of the market (Tech IMU), useful for rehabilitation, biomedical research and sports.
ARMEO system: By providing arm weight support, the ArmeoSpring enables patients to use any remaining motor functions and encourages them to achieve a higher number of reach and grasp movements based on specific therapy goals.
BTS Photogrammetry system: it supplies to the physician the quantitative information and objective data needed to identify and analyze walking and posture problems, load anomalies and muscle failure, which would not be measurable with normal clinical exams.
Treadmill: A state-of-the-art, commercial-grade unit designed for the multiple needs of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation facilities.
GTEC Electroencephalography system
3D printer. Ultimaker 2 extended plus: Thanks to its support of a wide range of materials, it’s suitable for a huge variety of applications, from prototypes to customized tools. It’s a great all-around 3D printer that delivers consistent results.