We are offering a pre-doctoral position for a Spanish Research Project on Customization of Rehabilitation Robots and Neuroprosthesis. 

 The candidate will pursue her/his PhD on the project activities. These will be related with the implementation of User-Centered approaches with an Expert Panel of end-users, conveying the main outcomes to the development of modular neuroprosthesis and rehabilitation robots. Besides, the candidate will be involved in the development of Biomechanical metrics for functional assessment of walking and assisted-walking of the devices. Besides, the candidate will collaborate in the development of a novel modular neuroprosthesis: HW, SW, control.

More information at: Job description (.pdf)

If interested, please send an e-mail with a motivation letter and a CV to Antonio.delama@urjc.es or jc.moreno@csic.es 

Open Pre-doctoral position on Customization of Rehabilitation Robots and Neuroprosthesis.