Juan C. Moreno Sastoque
Ramón y Cajal Researcher

Av. Doctor Arce, 37
28002. Madrid (Spain)
Tel. +34 91 5854750 (ext.4709)

Dr. Juan C. Moreno is Head of the Neural Rehabilitation Group. He is Scientist at CSIC with active participation and leadership in the field of robotics and neuroprosthetics applied for neural rehabilitation. He has participated in multiple European and International Projects related to the optimization of human-robot interaction approaches in these technologies for the neurological rehabilitation after stroke and spinal cord injury, such as EU GAIT, EU BETTER, EU EXTEND projects among others. Dr. Moreno has coordinated EU BIOMOT (FP7-Future and Emerging Technologies) developing innovative methods for automatic control of human-robot interactions in wearable exoskeletons for augmentation and assistance of movement and he is coordinating H2020 INBOTS CSA (Inclusive Robotics for a better Society). He is Coordinator of the Spanish projects RECODE (exploring spinal and brain stimulation during robotic gait therapy) and TAILOR (Novel modular wearable robot and neuroprosthetic devices for personalized robotic-assisted walking treatments). In addition, Dr. Moreno is Founder & Co-Chair of the IEEE/RAS Technical Committee on Wearable Robotics. He is Working Group leader in the European Cost Action on Wearable Robots (CA16116). Dr. Moreno holds a visiting researcher position as RIKEN (Japan).


My research seeks to study the function of neurological and musculoskeletal systems involved in human legs motion locomotion and balance My objective is to improve current means for treatment and diagnosis of gait disorders by means of advanced technologies Our studies will help to understand the mechanisms in gait disorders and define novel means for therapeutic intervention with robotic based methods


My research focus is on rehabilitation of gait after neurological diseases with particular interest in stroke and spinal cord injuries Currently I coordinate the BioMot Project on Bioinspired Sensorimotor Skills for Control of Smart Wearable Robots Please check our website biomotproject eu

Papers in journals Books and book chapters International Conferences Local Conferences Doctoral Thesis Master's Thesis
Papers in journals:

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Papers in journals Books and book chapters International Conferences Local Conferences Doctoral Thesis Master's Thesis
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Papers in journals Books and book chapters International Conferences Local Conferences Doctoral Thesis Master's Thesis
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Papers in journals Books and book chapters International Conferences Local Conferences Doctoral Thesis Master's Thesis
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Doctoral Thesis:

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Papers in journals Books and book chapters International Conferences Local Conferences Doctoral Thesis Master's Thesis
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Master's Thesis:

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