3. Benchmarking


A central goal of the project is to formalize a benchmarking scheme that can be used worldwide by the scientific community to assess and compare human-like skills of robotic humanoids.

We are particularly interested in testing:
(1) stability during gait and posture, both in sagittal and frontal planes, during voluntary and perturbed conditions;
(2) energy consumption during walking;
(3) cognitive ability in predicting and anticipating disturbances, such as self induced perturbations or unforeseen changes in the environment.

The H2R consortium wants to involve the international community in this process, so that the benchmarking scheme can reach a global consensus and be universally adopted.

To this aim, we are organizing several workshops and symposiums, and are really looking forward to hearing new ideas and proposals.

If you are interested in collaborating or giving your feedback, do not hesitate to contact us!


Visit the benchmarking website